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Vertex Ventures Israel

Mobile Researcher



Netanya, Israel
Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024


About Watchful:

Watchful is a competitive intelligence solution that provides customers with valuable insights about their competitors. Watchful’s unique technology taps a gold mine of information hidden within mobile and web apps, making it possible to know what changes your competitor has made in their latest release or gain critical information about performance, A/B tests, and new features months before they are released. We’re looking for exceptional engineers who share this same DNA, to join us in building something different!

What will you do?

  • Reverse Engineer the best and biggest mobile apps out there to discover exciting tech innovations hidden in them ahead of the industry.
  • Work with IDA / JEB / Hopper / Ghidra / R2 / Frida, and friends.
  • ARM, Obfuscation, Geo locking, jailbreak detections… before the morning coffee.
  • Own a proprietary, world-leading solution for Android or/and iOS Benchmarking.
  • Work as a part of a passionate researchers’ team and together bring to the table the best practice and most mind-blowing discoveries.
  • Take part in moral research, we do not commit hacking.
  • Impact business directly, researching to build and lead products used by the largest companies in the world.


  • Required: At least 2 years of experience as an Android or/and iOS Low-Level Developer / Reverse Engineer / Malware Researcher / Vulnerability Researcher
  • Required: Knowledge and proven experience working with ARM Assembly
  • Advantage: Experience with high-level programming languages, such as Python.
  • Advantage: Experience with iOS Profiling via Xcode instruments (benchmarking)
  • Advantage: Experience with Reverse Engineering Android / Web Applications
  • Strong Advantage: Extensive Experience with Dynamic Analysis tools such as Frida, lldb, gdb, etc.
  • Strong Advantage: Experience with a native low-level language, such as C, C++ or Objective C.
  • Strong Advantage: Experience Reverse Engineering Swift-based Applications.
  • Hands-on: able to hack and dissect new technology, rapidly implement, and verify ideas, and translate them to working operational code
  • Collaborative: understand that truly great achievements come from great teamwork, enjoy collaborating with others, and eager to share the journey with us
  • Willingness to tackle difficult tasks
  • Ability to learn quickly and independently